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Characteristics of Miniature Pinschers

Min Pins are Lively, spirited, self assured and even tempered, these qualities make him an agreeable family and companion dog. They are fun loving extroverts with bags of courage. They have high energy, and are ideal for those looking for an entertaining, loving and loyal pet. They can sometimes be hard to house train and will require a consistent approach to training. They are outgoing brave and gregarious, they will shower you with love, but they will also try their best to get away with naughty things if they are allowed.

Min Pins are a working dog, with many terrier characteristics. Min Pins are very flexible and agile and will curl up in almost any position to get comfortable, however this agility also makes them good escape artists and any owner’s back yard should be “dog proofed” to reflect this.

When grooming a wipe down with a damp towel is usually sufficient. The smooth short-haired coat requires little attention.

Care should be taken in extremes of weather. Their short fine coat does not provide adequate protection.

Min Pins needs a medium sized yard. Daily walks are important as a bored Min Pin can be destructive and yappy!

Min Pins can be rather headstrong, so it is important to be firm and consistent in their training. They are quick learners and are willing to please their owners. As with all dogs, socialisation at a young age is very important!

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Miniature Pinscher

With assertive and consistent training, your Mini Pin will soon develop into a well behaved dog. Although on occasions, they will try to push their limits, they do love to be obedient. When training, always reward their good behaviour, maybe starting with a treat but then progressing to either just praise or a fun toy. Mini Pins tend to put weight on very easily and therefore too many treats can cause them to become fat. And don’t forget, a Mini Pin is for life it is not a toy so please take time to train him properly and you will have years and years of fun, loyalty and companionship.